NIEUW - A Mutating Story / Jacob van der Beugel

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A fascinating conjunction of art and science. This publication was produced by museum Beelden aan Zee|Sculptuur Instituut in association with Dutch/UK artist Jacob van der Beugel’s exhibition A Mutating Story. The artworks in the exhibition, made from a unique combination of ceramics and concrete, explore themes of permanence in the face of impermanence. Van der Beugel merges art with bio-medical sciences and cutting-edge bio-technology, while exploring ideas around human resilience at a cellular level, and human identity as determined by our DNA. The monumental, sculptural works in this exhibition combine ceramics with ‘self-healing’ concrete and act as a metaphor for the ability of human cells to mutate, to adapt, to self-heal.

This fascinating book contains contributions from Edmund de Waal, celebrated author and ceramicist; Professor Carl Gombrich (UK), educational leader and interdisciplinarian; Professor Dr. Hans Clevers (NL), geneticist and stem-cell researcher; Emeritus Professor Dr. Robert Zwijnenberg (NL), researcher of arts and science interactions; and Professor Dr. Michael White (UK), art historian. Themes explored are: A Mutating Story; Materiality; Interdisciplinarity: Virus or network?; The genetic code: Beauty and diversity emerging out of error; and The Raw and the Cooked. Richly illustrated, and including a history of Van der Beugel’s earlier works, this unique publication makes an important contribution to contemporary sculpture both in the Netherlands and internationally.


Auteur: Leana Julian 
Uitgever: Museum Beelden aan Zee | Sculptuur Instituut
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 80
Bindwijze: Luxe paperback
Druk: 1ste druk

Verschijningsdatum: januari 2021


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